Disana Project: 101 Reasons to Stay

Part of Collective Project by Kieren Sanderson with Cemeti Art House - 2013

"Kieren Sanderson initiated a research project with creative community of Yogyakarta called Creative Encounters and Adventures. A group of professionals made a series of explorations in Yogyakarta. Participants were encouraged to tell their story and explore the stories of Yogyakarta.

In this project, I take picture of people who live in Yogyakarta. Four years ago, I was going through a quest for a good reason to stay i this city after graduating from the university. I was looking intensely inside myself. Back then, the search found its answer through many different activities and projections that I had at that time.

Now, it has been four years from that moment and I feel like I need to look back and contemplate on that decision I made in today's context. Now, I once again, am looking for a good reason to stay here using a different approach: through the eyes of people around me. By questioning the reasons of why are they living in this city for more than five years doesn't only bring me to interesting stories of choices they made in live but also rediscovering of my dreams and reasons.

The stories that gathered can be a picture of people who lives in this city and have either direct or indirect impacts for character development of the City."