Finding Stillness


Exhibition view


"The modern life opens whole lots of new doors of opportunities and growth; yet, at the same time, the modern life is also very demanding. Not only the work pressure that gets harder, but also the way the endless economic demand and the necessities to fulfill many kind of needs that adds up the weight of life. As a consequence of the city life complexities, people then feel the sudden necessities to find a relaxing activity to balance the rhythm of mind as an anticipation effort against stress. At this point, the ritual of Yoga to find a balance between the mind-body-soul offers a solution.

The idea of displaying a certain yoga position in this work is closely related to that fact where the balancing effort of the body-mind-soul fits perfectly with the fast pace of modern life. At the same time, yoga doesn't necessarily relate to a certain religious practice, and thus, it allows everyone to get involved. The tree pose (vriksha-asana) is my respond to the rapid pace of the economic and infrastructural growth around me. Every spots that I chose in each picture is a place that I consider strident, busy, and having a strong human intervention. I ‘plant a tree’ in a Yoga manner with all the associations it possesses about tranquility, balance, and at flexibility.

For me, having a strong position and foundation in facing the stream of growth and uncontrollable change is just as important as having the flexibility in going through the main stream of changes. Here I am trying to give a room of stillness to contemplate in the middle of this fast forward human life."